Wednesday, August 12, 2015


It's been a while since my last blog but we are doing well and still having fun. Our stop in the west coast was cloudy, rainy and then sunny. The night we arrived we set up and made supper.
I was super tired so I tucked into bed with a book and let the family take care of themselves. I woke up to rain early in the morning and it didn't stop all day. Leaving Earl and the girls to fend for themselves may have not been a good idea because a few things were left outside and were soaked.  Unfortunately we had to move sites so we packed up and headed over getting pretty wet in the process. One hurt foot later, we finally had some power and was able to charge all of our devices which was good because we pretty much stayed in our jammies and got caught up on fb, etc and watched movies and I enjoyed drinking coffee!
The next day the sun came out! We are not good at being confined for more than a day and were happy to venture out. We hit the Visitor's Centre and was advised on hikes under 5Km. We headed off to a portion of the Wild Pacific Coast Trail near a light house. 
We also made it to the beach. It's so much cleaner than the east side but also colder.  We found a dead crab still intacted. 
And the girls enjoyed playing with the kelp (well throwing it at each other really).
They next day continued to be sunny even when the forecast said overcast. This was unfortunate for me because I was ill prepared and therefor got a sunburn! Ouchie. I did enjoy lazing around, watching all the surfers (we were at Cox Beach where all the surf schools go), and watching Earl and the girls make a sand fort. 
Tandee also stopped by to say a quick hi and bye. We packed up the following day after I kicked Earl's ass in Rummy Cube the previous evening. 😜 
Now back to the east coast and Parry's. 

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