Sunday, August 2, 2015

Stanley Park

Since the girls didn't have much swim time last night we let them have at er in the pool before going out today. They are registered in synchronized swimming his fall and we're delighted to show me some moves. 

We headed into down town Vancover with a plan to go to Granville Island and explore for a while. What we didn't know is that it's Gay Pride today! We were stuck in traffic once more and quickly decided we didn't want to fight traffic or find a place to park the truck so we headed back around to Stanley Park. It's beautiful! We could spend days exploring and it will be on our list for next time to spend a few days biking around when the kids are a bit older and can hold their own. We drove the loop and parked at the top to have our packed lunch. It's $3.25/hour to park so we paid the hour and walked for a short distance. 
Here are some obligatory flower pics for Dad and Kelsey. 
Because they rip people off for ice cream, we told Mags and Belle that we would take them to something cheaper and so one our way to the grocery store we found a Baskin Robbins. 
We are back at the campground and heading to the pool again where I'm going to shoot Earl with some water after he purchased 4 squirt guns. Whaaa ah ahhhhh. I'm hoping to get he kids off to bed early tonight and maybe enjoy a game of rummy tile and have a drink or two. 

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