Thursday, August 6, 2015

Rathtrevor Beach Continued

So the last three days we have been here we had some intense R&R. The last two days we hung out with Tandee at the campground, and explored the area. We learned about the history of the family Rath and how they came to make this area their home and land now called The Nature House and Rathtrevor Provincial Park. This is the original home that was converted into a place were we learned all about the animals on and around the Island including bees. They had a display encasement which was about 2x4' and 3" thick with a tube leading to the outside of the house FILLED with bees. It was quite interesting to see them working away.  I am also intrigued with history specifically genealogy. What I liked the most is reading birth, death and marriage certificates which The Nature House had on display. Later in the evening we attended the show at the amphitheater where we learned about how all of nature is connected. It wasn't bad. Last night we went for a twilight walk on the beach and then to bed. This morning, after getting a quick hair cut and saying goodbye to Tandee, we headed to Nanaimo to get fuel and groceries. We then came back to Parksville Community Beach where we missed going to the spray park (closed at 5), but don't worry Earl and I heard all about how upset Isabelle was on the way home. Boo hoo hoo. I don't have many pictures because we haven't had power, therefor no iPhone but this is what I have. 

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