Sunday, August 23, 2015


We spent 13 days in Parksville. We have enjoyed lazy days in the river, exploring the hiking trails, swimming in the pool and biking. Not only that, Kelsey and Shannon came and hung out for a few days. They brought Rosie because we missed her so much. Perry's RV Park has been great. The girls found friends and biked around the park almost all day long. They hosted a Iced Tea Stand an even made some cash. Isabelle has lost the training wheels (in all of 30 seconds) and is now riding her bike like crazy. It's been very relaxing and I feel refocused. We love the campground, and we love the Island but it's time to leave 😢.  Next stop is Andria Astorinos (and family). It's been 2 years since we have seen her an I'm looking forward to getting to know her little ones Curtis and Jason and having some wine!

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