Sunday, August 2, 2015

On Our Way!

As any epic camping vacation starts we hit a bump in the road. We found out that the day before we were leaving the fridge crapped out. After stressing out and trying to reset it without electrocuting ourselves or breaking it further we took the trailer to an independent repair man. I think I was laughed at by the dealership when I asked to have it looked at Friday of a long weekend. Anyhow, this repair man fixed it up in no time and we were $350 poorer. Relieved we continued packing and got to bed very late with a goal to wake up at 4, and try to leave by 5. Morning came and in pure Earl and Erin style we were out of bed at 5:15, packed up the last of our essentials, woke up the girls and headed out by 6:30. It was a long drive to Vancouver, driving like it's he 80's (no a/c) but when we made it here it was wonderful. Well, ok not really. Earl made a wrong turn, ended up on the Lion's Gate Bridge at rush hour delaying the already long day another 45 minutes.  After swearing and general hissy-fitting we arrived at the Campground at 6:05pm.  
After letting the girls go off to explore, executing my excellent nursing skills on a scraped knee, setting up and having supper it was close to 9!  Since we are at a RV resort we headed to the pool! Too bad it closes at 'dusk' and that means 9:30. Maggie and I showered, and feeling a little sick from the long drive and heat, I was asleep in seconds. Doesn't sound too exciting yet, but I love being on Vacation, especially camping, so I am looking forward to exploring, relaxing and spending time with the Family. 
Here's me and my ginormous coffee saying, "Good Morning!".

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