Monday, August 3, 2015


We made it to the Island!

Originally we didn't have a place to stay tonight as we were undecided about whether we were going to stay in Van for one more night or brave the ferry on a holiday Monday. I'm glad we decided to leave as the ferry was a breeze and we found a great place to camp for the night. We had a great day because of a surprise visit from an old friend. As we were embarking the ferry Tandee called me and said she was at the campground we just left and was heading to Nanaimo without a definite plan. We invited her to stay with us and that's exactly what happened. After setting up and a quick catch up we went to Brennan Lake (near the Brennan RV Campground we are staying at tonight) for a quick dip. There must be a forest fire near by because we saw a water bomber fill up from the lake. We think we are safe because nobody has told us we are at risk, or at least that's what we are hoping. 
Blackberries are in season so we picked 1/2 a bucket on our way back to the site
So after more visiting and supper we are having drinks and hopefully a game or two of Rummy Tile. 
We are planning on sticking together for a few days as we change sites tomorrow so we are right at the beach. 
Thanks for finding us Tandee!

Earl balancing a rye and Pepsi on Maggie's head. Nice parenting skills Hun. 


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