Sunday, August 23, 2015


We spent 13 days in Parksville. We have enjoyed lazy days in the river, exploring the hiking trails, swimming in the pool and biking. Not only that, Kelsey and Shannon came and hung out for a few days. They brought Rosie because we missed her so much. Perry's RV Park has been great. The girls found friends and biked around the park almost all day long. They hosted a Iced Tea Stand an even made some cash. Isabelle has lost the training wheels (in all of 30 seconds) and is now riding her bike like crazy. It's been very relaxing and I feel refocused. We love the campground, and we love the Island but it's time to leave 😢.  Next stop is Andria Astorinos (and family). It's been 2 years since we have seen her an I'm looking forward to getting to know her little ones Curtis and Jason and having some wine!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


It's been a while since my last blog but we are doing well and still having fun. Our stop in the west coast was cloudy, rainy and then sunny. The night we arrived we set up and made supper.
I was super tired so I tucked into bed with a book and let the family take care of themselves. I woke up to rain early in the morning and it didn't stop all day. Leaving Earl and the girls to fend for themselves may have not been a good idea because a few things were left outside and were soaked.  Unfortunately we had to move sites so we packed up and headed over getting pretty wet in the process. One hurt foot later, we finally had some power and was able to charge all of our devices which was good because we pretty much stayed in our jammies and got caught up on fb, etc and watched movies and I enjoyed drinking coffee!
The next day the sun came out! We are not good at being confined for more than a day and were happy to venture out. We hit the Visitor's Centre and was advised on hikes under 5Km. We headed off to a portion of the Wild Pacific Coast Trail near a light house. 
We also made it to the beach. It's so much cleaner than the east side but also colder.  We found a dead crab still intacted. 
And the girls enjoyed playing with the kelp (well throwing it at each other really).
They next day continued to be sunny even when the forecast said overcast. This was unfortunate for me because I was ill prepared and therefor got a sunburn! Ouchie. I did enjoy lazing around, watching all the surfers (we were at Cox Beach where all the surf schools go), and watching Earl and the girls make a sand fort. 
Tandee also stopped by to say a quick hi and bye. We packed up the following day after I kicked Earl's ass in Rummy Cube the previous evening. 😜 
Now back to the east coast and Parry's. 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Rathtrevor Beach Continued

So the last three days we have been here we had some intense R&R. The last two days we hung out with Tandee at the campground, and explored the area. We learned about the history of the family Rath and how they came to make this area their home and land now called The Nature House and Rathtrevor Provincial Park. This is the original home that was converted into a place were we learned all about the animals on and around the Island including bees. They had a display encasement which was about 2x4' and 3" thick with a tube leading to the outside of the house FILLED with bees. It was quite interesting to see them working away.  I am also intrigued with history specifically genealogy. What I liked the most is reading birth, death and marriage certificates which The Nature House had on display. Later in the evening we attended the show at the amphitheater where we learned about how all of nature is connected. It wasn't bad. Last night we went for a twilight walk on the beach and then to bed. This morning, after getting a quick hair cut and saying goodbye to Tandee, we headed to Nanaimo to get fuel and groceries. We then came back to Parksville Community Beach where we missed going to the spray park (closed at 5), but don't worry Earl and I heard all about how upset Isabelle was on the way home. Boo hoo hoo. I don't have many pictures because we haven't had power, therefor no iPhone but this is what I have. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Rathtrevor Beach

We took our time this morning packing up and headed into Parksville to camp at Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park. We instantly loved it. We will be staying here 3 nights. We finally dug out the bikes, Earl tuned us up and took a tour of the campground. It's huge and beautiful. Our campsite is very close to the beach. Our plan is to spend time there tomorrow acting like cucumbers on the sand and playing in the water. 
Tandee and Isabelle set up the hamocks and Earl had a little mishap but finally got it right. 
Thanks for the laugh!

Monday, August 3, 2015


We made it to the Island!

Originally we didn't have a place to stay tonight as we were undecided about whether we were going to stay in Van for one more night or brave the ferry on a holiday Monday. I'm glad we decided to leave as the ferry was a breeze and we found a great place to camp for the night. We had a great day because of a surprise visit from an old friend. As we were embarking the ferry Tandee called me and said she was at the campground we just left and was heading to Nanaimo without a definite plan. We invited her to stay with us and that's exactly what happened. After setting up and a quick catch up we went to Brennan Lake (near the Brennan RV Campground we are staying at tonight) for a quick dip. There must be a forest fire near by because we saw a water bomber fill up from the lake. We think we are safe because nobody has told us we are at risk, or at least that's what we are hoping. 
Blackberries are in season so we picked 1/2 a bucket on our way back to the site
So after more visiting and supper we are having drinks and hopefully a game or two of Rummy Tile. 
We are planning on sticking together for a few days as we change sites tomorrow so we are right at the beach. 
Thanks for finding us Tandee!

Earl balancing a rye and Pepsi on Maggie's head. Nice parenting skills Hun. 


Sunday, August 2, 2015

Stanley Park

Since the girls didn't have much swim time last night we let them have at er in the pool before going out today. They are registered in synchronized swimming his fall and we're delighted to show me some moves. 

We headed into down town Vancover with a plan to go to Granville Island and explore for a while. What we didn't know is that it's Gay Pride today! We were stuck in traffic once more and quickly decided we didn't want to fight traffic or find a place to park the truck so we headed back around to Stanley Park. It's beautiful! We could spend days exploring and it will be on our list for next time to spend a few days biking around when the kids are a bit older and can hold their own. We drove the loop and parked at the top to have our packed lunch. It's $3.25/hour to park so we paid the hour and walked for a short distance. 
Here are some obligatory flower pics for Dad and Kelsey. 
Because they rip people off for ice cream, we told Mags and Belle that we would take them to something cheaper and so one our way to the grocery store we found a Baskin Robbins. 
We are back at the campground and heading to the pool again where I'm going to shoot Earl with some water after he purchased 4 squirt guns. Whaaa ah ahhhhh. I'm hoping to get he kids off to bed early tonight and maybe enjoy a game of rummy tile and have a drink or two. 

On Our Way!

As any epic camping vacation starts we hit a bump in the road. We found out that the day before we were leaving the fridge crapped out. After stressing out and trying to reset it without electrocuting ourselves or breaking it further we took the trailer to an independent repair man. I think I was laughed at by the dealership when I asked to have it looked at Friday of a long weekend. Anyhow, this repair man fixed it up in no time and we were $350 poorer. Relieved we continued packing and got to bed very late with a goal to wake up at 4, and try to leave by 5. Morning came and in pure Earl and Erin style we were out of bed at 5:15, packed up the last of our essentials, woke up the girls and headed out by 6:30. It was a long drive to Vancouver, driving like it's he 80's (no a/c) but when we made it here it was wonderful. Well, ok not really. Earl made a wrong turn, ended up on the Lion's Gate Bridge at rush hour delaying the already long day another 45 minutes.  After swearing and general hissy-fitting we arrived at the Campground at 6:05pm.  
After letting the girls go off to explore, executing my excellent nursing skills on a scraped knee, setting up and having supper it was close to 9!  Since we are at a RV resort we headed to the pool! Too bad it closes at 'dusk' and that means 9:30. Maggie and I showered, and feeling a little sick from the long drive and heat, I was asleep in seconds. Doesn't sound too exciting yet, but I love being on Vacation, especially camping, so I am looking forward to exploring, relaxing and spending time with the Family. 
Here's me and my ginormous coffee saying, "Good Morning!".